The Book

During the days when the Gods walked the Earth
a manuscript that has tantalized every culture that has ever been came into existence in ancient Khem. This is a manuscript that civilizations have copied and hidden, refusing to combine them into one cohesive work that the indigenous person could learn from, and thrive. That ancient manuscript has been recently uncovered, and is now available in revised Modern English. All of the world’s earliest Holy scriptures are in one book - the very first of its kind.

Book of Maat Compiles Ancient Khemetic Wisdom Texts into One Volume

The Book of Maat, published by the University of Maat; an organization dedicated to sharing and living the Law of Maat. The Book of Maat has been compiled by scholars of the Maat University. The texts have been carefully studied and revised to reveal their true and ancient meaning, while being readable to the modern knowledge seeker.